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Westmed Comfort Soft Plus Pediatric Cannula

Westmed Comfort Soft Plus Pediatric Cannula


The Comfort Soft Plus™ oxygen nasal cannulas feature curved nasal prongs, offering clarity, lightness, and a comfortable design for prolonged use. The "bolo-style" adjustable slide, positioned over the ear, moves effortlessly, ensuring a secure fit while allowing optimal freedom of movement. The uniquely curved nasal prongs encourage natural alignment on the patient's face, eliminating the bothersome flap associated with traditional cannulas. For added safety, the Comfort Plus Soft Tip models include standard 6-channel safety tubing, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted flow of oxygen to the patient.


Item # 0187
Application Nasal
Life Stage Pediatric
Style Over the ear
Tubing Length 7ft Tubing