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Sunset Ear Cushions for Nasal Cannula

Sunset Ear Cushions for Nasal Cannula



Sunset Healthcare Ear Cushions for Cannula provide comfort and duration for your oxygen therapy sessions. The cushions serve as a buffer between cannulas and the skin on the ear the cannulas tend to rub against. When there is no protection provided, you run into an uncomfortable problem that worsens over time and can be painful if nothing is done to prevent further damage.

When a cannula rubs against the skin in between the ear and the side of your head, it will eventually reach a point where you start to feel pain from a forming abrasion. This will continue and will become more hurtful if you do not remove the cannula or take any preventative measures to stop the cannula from rubbing on the skin.

The Sunset Over-Ear Cannula Cushion is used to provide cushion for this specific reason. The cushion is an oxygen accessory everyone who uses a cannula should already be using. The cannula cushion - which is a universal fit - can provide comfort for extended use. If you are in constant need of using your cannula, this will help you greatly if you are not already using an ear cushion. You will now be able to use your cannula longer if needed, without the uncomfortable feeling. The cushions are able to be worn for long durations and can be changed out when they start to get oily or become dirty.



Application: Ear Cushions
For Use With: For Over-Ear Cannula
Specifications: Foam