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Resmed Quattro FX For Her

Resmed Quattro FX For Her



The ResMed Quattro FX for Her mask kit allows you to purchase the mask frame and cushion with an optional add-on headgear strap to make a complete mask system. The Quattro FX for Her is very lightweight and unobtrusive. There is no forehead support which gives you a clear field of vision. This mask was designed with 1 thing in mind, comfort. Designed with your needs in mind, ResMed provides this mask option with a comfortable silicone cushion that rests above the nose and covers the mouth. Perfect for those who breathe through their mouth at night, a full face mask is ideal if your CPAP machine uses a higher pressure to treat your obstructive sleep apnea. Achieve the comfort you deserve with a full face mask designed specifically for you!



  • Lightweight Design - Unobtrusive lightweight design provides the best sleeping experience without all the weight of most CPAP masks.
  • Pink Headgear - Personalized to a elegant pink color, receive therapy that lets you feel more like yourself. Attached with headgear clips and available in 2 sizes, this mask will not shift if you move through the night.
  • Spring Air Cushion - Distributes pressure evenly to maintain a good seal throughout the night.
  • Fewer Points of Contact - Reduce the potential of unsightly red irritation marks with less contact on your face.