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McKesson Oral Foam Swab - Untreated

McKesson Oral Foam Swab - Untreated



McKesson Oral Foam Swabs
For gentle and effective daily oral cleaning



Untreated, unflavored
Effective in cleaning and moistening the oral cavity to refresh mouth, teeth, and gums
Soft and secure foam heads lift and remove fragments from oral cavities
Gently stimulates oral tissue and cleans between teeth, removing debris and oral secretions
Ideal dental hygiene alternative when brushing with a toothbrush is not possible
Helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup with frequent use
Individually packaged for single oral use only
Disposable to help eliminate the risk of contamination
Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Packaged: 1 Per Pack, 250 Packs Per Box, 4 Boxes Per Case