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Barrier Strip Brava® Y-Shape, Elastic

Barrier Strip Brava® Y-Shape, Elastic


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 Brava® Y-Shape Elastic Barrier Strip is specifically designed to offer a secure and flexible solution for ostomy care. The Y-Shape design aims to enhance adherence around the stoma, and the elastic property contributes to a comfortable and adaptable fit on the skin.


  1. Barrier Strip: This is a product used in ostomy care, typically made of skin-friendly materials, designed to create a protective barrier around the stoma. Barrier strips help enhance the adhesion of ostomy appliances and prevent leaks.

  2. Brava® Y-Shape: The Y-Shape design suggests that the barrier strip is configured in a Y-like pattern. This design is often chosen to provide a secure fit around the stoma and improve adhesion, especially in areas prone to movement or creases.

  3. Elastic: The barrier strip is elastic, indicating that it has a flexible and stretchable quality. This elasticity allows the strip to conform comfortably to the contours of the body, ensuring a snug fit and potentially improving overall comfort.