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Colostomy Pouch Sur-Fit Natura® Two-Piece System 12 Inch Length Drainable

Colostomy Pouch Sur-Fit Natura® Two-Piece System 12 Inch Length Drainable


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 Sur-Fit Natura® Two-Piece System colostomy pouch is a 12-inch long, drainable bag intended for use in a two-piece ostomy system. The two-piece design allows for easy attachment and detachment during pouch changes, providing flexibility for users managing their colostomy.


  1. Colostomy Pouch: This is a bag designed to collect waste from a colostomy, which is a surgical procedure that diverts a portion of the colon to an opening in the abdomen, known as a stoma.

  2. Sur-Fit Natura® Two-Piece System: This indicates that the colostomy pouch is part of a two-piece system. In ostomy care, a two-piece system typically consists of a skin barrier (flange) and a separate pouch that can be attached and detached easily. This design offers flexibility and convenience during pouch changes.

  3. 12 Inch Length: This specifies the length of the colostomy pouch, indicating it is 12 inches long. The length is an important consideration for users, as it determines the capacity of the pouch and how often it needs to be emptied.

  4. Drainable: The pouch is designed to be drainable, meaning it has an opening at the bottom that can be opened for easy emptying of the collected waste. This feature is common in colostomy pouches to facilitate convenient and hygienic disposal.