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Hollister Adapt® SoftFlex® Barrier Ring 48mm (2")

Hollister Adapt® SoftFlex® Barrier Ring 48mm (2")


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 Hollister Adapt® SoftFlex® Barrier Ring with a 48mm (2") diameter is designed to provide a flexible and comfortable seal around the stoma in ostomy care. The specified size indicates its suitability for use with stomas that require a ring of this diameter.


  1. Barrier Ring: This is a product used in ostomy care, specifically designed to create a protective seal around the stoma. Barrier rings help prevent leaks and promote skin health.

  2. Hollister Adapt® SoftFlex®: This indicates the specific brand and product line. Hollister is a well-known brand in ostomy care, and the Adapt® SoftFlex® line suggests a product with flexibility and comfort features.

  3. 48mm (2") Diameter: This specification refers to the diameter of the barrier ring, which is 48mm or 2 inches. The size is crucial as it determines the circumference of the ring and its suitability for different stoma sizes.