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BackJoy's are innovative sitting device that naturally relieve back pain by optimizing your sitting posture. For any questions please give us a call at 702-538-9555

SitzRight Seat Cushion

Made of soft, supportive EVA material, it was designed to help you sit with better posture, alleviating fatigue and discomfort. Measures 18" x 14" x 4".

Most chairs don't support a normal lumbar curve. But the SitzRight cushion has a unique ergonimic design that slopes downwards to support a healthy lumbar curve, giving you instant lower back pain relief. The contoured design has higher pillars in the back that prop your pelvis up and open the angle between the upper body and legs, reducing strain on the hip joints and encouraging proper posture.

SitzRight also features a unique cutout that provides pressure relief for your tailbone. The seat promotes better airflow to reduce heat and humidity for extra comfort. It's even waterproof and washable for easy cleaning. Start sitting better with SitzRight.

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ComfortSeat Cushion

By improving posture, increasing blood flow, and reducing pressure, you can be healthier when you sit. It works on any type of seat, from car seats to hard bleachers. Its contoured design relieves pressure on the hips so they remain upright in proper alignment, reducing stress on the lower back. The ComfortSeat won't absorb moisture or generate heat. In fact, it's made from waterproof closed-cell EVA material for easy cleaning. Its patented design reduces seat surface temperatures and relative humidity by providing continuous airflow for ultimate comfort. Each ComfortSeat includes a washable, removable fabric cover (available in black only).

Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager

Collapsible for easy travel, the Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager is the most convenient way to massage tight and achy muscles on the go.
With its easy-to-hold ergonomic design, this back massager makes it easy to relieve pain through direct pressure. Get all the benefits of a professional massage without the price tag. The detachable design makes it simple to break the massager down into two small parts that fit perfectly into your bag or briefcase. Seven trigger point knobs around the massager are specially designed to simulate the action of a massage therapist's thumb. Massage tight trigger points in your shoulders, neck, back, feet and legs to release tension. Measures 14.25" x 11" x 1.5". 1.3 lbs.

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Kneeler Blue

Focus on the task at hand rather than uncomfortable knee pain.
The Kneeler features Dynamic Comfort™ material to deliver superior comfort to your knees providing pressure relief and total comfort on the hardest of surfaces or uneven ground. The ergonomic design transfers the pressure of kneeling into the product to minimize knee pain while stress free acupressure nodes are positioned to take additional strain off the body. Now you can get more tasks done and enjoy doing them while you are in complete comfort. Works great for garden, bathing baby, DIY, housework and more.

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