Post Operative Shoes For Sale In Las Vegas, NV

Post-operative shoes help to reduce the chances of suffering a recurrence of the issue that led to surgery. They promote healing and can prevent foot issues from arising as a result of ill-fitting footwear. For more information give us a call at 702-538-9555.

3-Panel Knee Immobilizer

Bell-Horn's 3-panel Knee Immobilizers are designed for easy adjustment and correct fit. Doctor recommended for light support of minor strains and sprains.

Features Include:
Easily applied.
Back gusset included.
Patella strap for correct fit.
Immobilization of the knee joint following surgical or non-surgical correction of bone, ligament injury or muscle damage to the knee.

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SmoothStep Pneumatic Hi-Top Walker

SmoothStep Pneumatic Walkers are designed with a cushioned pneumatic liner which provides support and compression to help promote fracture healing. Manufactured to increase stability and help reduce pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures, also provide a cost-effective option to serial casting.

Non-skid, rocker outersole.
Designed to increase stability.
Fits left or right foot.

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SmoothStep Pneumatic LoTop Walker

Lower struts and a low heel height as well as a wide foot bed provide a greater ease in ambulation. Provides comfortable stability for acute sprains, soft tissue injuries, stress and stable fractures of the foot.

Medial/lateral air cell system
Contoured strut design
Wide foot bed for comfort and stability

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Post-Op Shoe

The Post-Op Shoe is designed large enough to contain even the bulkiest dressings. The breathable mesh upper conforms to any abnormalities of the foot and the flexible sole aids in patient mobility and comfort.

This shoe offers protection and support following osteotomies or other surgical operations.

Proper inner sole platform and cushioned rocker sole for natural gait.
Molded heel counter provides a smooth and stable contour around the heel.

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