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Catheters and supporting urological supplies that are need for continence care in Las Vegas are available. State Medical Equipment offers many different urology products to help meet the needs of patients, give us a call at 702-538-9555 for more details.

Bard Latex -Free Extension Tubing

Application: Extension Tubing
For Use With: Urinary Leg Bag
Specifications: 18 Inch, Latex, With Connector

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Bardia Leg Bag 32oz.

BARD® DISPOZ-a-BAG® Leg Bags are made from heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance. Each leg bag contains an anti-reflux valve. Available with or without the FLIP-FLO™ drainage valve which opens and closes with a simple flip.

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Catheter Strap Prof Care 24 Inch L, Universal

2 inch wide flannel lined elastic strap with contact closure
Special tab closure maintains tube position without occlusion

Urethral Catheter McKesson Coude Tip Uncoated PVC 16"

High-quality intermittent catheters designed for quick and easy self-catheterization
Non-coated catheter manufactured from clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Indicated for intermittent catheterization of the urethra for those individuals who are unable to promote a natural urine flow or for those individuals who have a significant volume of residual urine following a natural bladder-voiding episode
Designed to be inserted into the urethra to reach the bladder allowing urine to drain
Staggered eyes for maximum urine flow
Polished eyes minimize urethral trauma and reduce the risk of bringing bacteria into the bladder
Standard coudé features tapered tip designed with a short, strong curve; ideal for navigating through tight strictures
Features raised ridge on funnel and blue guide stripe printed on catheter shaft to help accurately orient the catheter ensuring the curved tip is pointing upwards
Especially ideal for male patients with an enlarged prostate, or females who have developed obstructions; curved tip allows catheter to pass that tight spot with ease
Flexible funnel end with ridged design for grip and ease of handling
Color-coded funnel and packaging label for easy identification of french size
Packaging design includes loop cutout for hanging to maintain sterility
Individually packaged for single, sterile use
Not made with DEHP, DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latex
Packaged: 30 Each Per Box

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McKesson Urinary Drain Bag Anti-Reflux Valve 2000 mL Vinyl

McKesson Disposable Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber
Contents: 2000 mL Urinary Drainage Bag, Vented Anti-Reflux Chamber, 48" Drainage Tube, Handle, Sample Port
Durable construction for odor containment and leak resistance.
Anti-reflux chamber reduces gross reflux.
Clothing clamp on tube – used to attach to patient's clothing to make sure tube does not get twisted or dragged on the floor.
Easily accessible sample port.
Design allows for even filling and draining.
Equipped with handle/hanger.
Individually packaged.
Single Use
Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.

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McKesson Urinary Leg Bag Anti-Reflux Valve 750 mL Vinyl

McKesson Disposable Urinary Leg Bag
Contents: 750 mL Urinary Leg Bag Equipped With 2 Flexible Straps, 1 Anti-Reflux Valve, and 1 Twist Valve
Integrated anti-reflux device.
Twist valve drainage port.
Not visible when worn under pants or long skirt.
Flexible, adjustable, pre-attached straps hold the bag in place.
Made of sturdy plastic material to prevent leakage.
Twist valve for easy emptying with low risk of spillage.
Individual packaging to help ensure a sterile fluid path.
Single Use
Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.

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Male External Catheter Conveen® Optima Self-Adhesive Seal PSX Silicone 35mm

The double-grip strip ensures easy and smooth roll-on or a secure fit even for nurses wearing gloves
The triple anti-leak system is designed to give you the best possible security.The triple anti-leak system consists of a push ring and sure grip ribs for secure connection to the collecting bag and anti-kink bellow and stop kinks to ensure free flow, flexible material
The urisheath is made of PSX silicone material, which is skin-friendly, soft and breathable, giving a secure fit and great wearing comfort
The Conveen Optima has inbuilt balanced adhesive, which means it's reliable and skin-friendly

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Male External Catheter Pop-On® Self-Adhesive Strip Silicone 29mm

The 1.5 inch sheath works especially well with a short or retracted penis
Clear, breathable, odorless

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