Hernia Support Braces For Sale In Las Vegas, NV

Hernia Support Braces are made to alleviate pain and discomfort of the inguinal hernias on both left and right sides of the groin area. Give us a call at 702-538-9555 for all of your hernia support needs.

Vive Groin Brace (Call or Message for Availability)

Support for groin, hip, and hamstring
Compression therapy for muscle pain and injury recovery
Versatile unisex design fits left or right leg
Adjustable, slip-resistant wrap
Lightweight, breathable brace for active individuals


Supporting groin, hamstring or quad injury
Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness


Waist: 25" to 48"
Thigh: 15" to 28"


Waist: 48" to 58"
Thigh: 15" to 28"

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Vive Hernia Belt (Call or Message for Availability)

Support for single or double hernia
Waistband, leg straps, and removable compression pads
Reduce discomfort and relieve hernia pain
Adjustable fasteners for customizable fit
Discrete design can be worn comfortably under clothing


Apply gentle compression to relieve pain and discomfort from a single or double hernia
Can be worn under clothing
Sizes (see chart in images):

Small waist circumference: 29-35"
Medium waist circumference: 35-40"
Large waist circumference: 40-46"


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Hernia Support Double Guard
Hernia Double Guard

The Bell-Horn Hernia Double Guard is an abdominal hernia belt that provides comfortable, yet constant pressure to the hernia. Any questions please give us a call 702-538-9555

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