Walkers Available For Sale In Las Vegas

Walkers are available in Las Vegas, NV for sale by State Medical Equipment. For all questions, delivery options and pricing information please give us a call at 702-538-9555.

Drive Glider Walker - Pediatric

Aluminum frame
Height- and angle-adjustable handles
Handles rotate inward and outward for adjustable width
90° handle on standard and junior model; 45° handle on pediatric model
Rubber wheel allows walker to roll easily and smoothly over irregular surfaces
Tool-free adjustments
Wide base provides stability and balance

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Drive Medical Two Button Walker
Drive Deluxe Folding Walker

The Deluxe Folding Walker from Drive Medical features a sturdy 1" diameter, aluminum construction to ensure maximum strength while remaining lightweight.. To learn more about buying a folding walker please give us a call 702-538-9555

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