Las Vegas Medical Equipment Rentals

Why Buy if you can Rent?
Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. For last minute requests, please contact our office at 702-538-9555 or email us at

Rent to Own Program
State Medical Equipment offers a unique Rent to Own Program Unlike anything else out on the market with little out of pocket and no credit qualifications. 

How the program works:

Simply tell us your needs.
Sign a short 3 month to 6 months contract with us at a low agreed upon monthly rental price
Supply a low down payment and first month's rent along with the contract
We deliver the equipment within days or you can get it anytime in our showroom.
At the end of the term the equipment is yours free and clear.

That's right; you now own the equipment upon completion of the monthly rental term


** No credit qualification

** No long term leases

** Own the equipment upon completion of the rental