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ROSCOE Longevity Pulse Oximeter

ROSCOE Longevity Pulse Oximeter



The portable pulse oximeter allows you to monitor your SPO2 and pulse rate to keep track of any potential health conditions. Our home pulse oximeter provides an accurate and fast oxygen level and heart rate, ideal for sports enthusiasts during strenuous activities. The pulse oxygen meter is recommended for spot-check monitoring only. No prescription is required.


Universal fit for all ages and finger sizes. Our ergonomic oxygen finger monitor is built for all finger sizes, both kids and adults. Use it as an infant pulse oximeter to keep track of your little one's health.
Designed for high-performance individuals. If you're regularly active, this wearable pulse oximeter is for you. Its small size and lanyard make it perfect for gym use. Keep track of your health as you work out.
Provides a 10-second pulse and oxygen check. Get a fast and easy read with no struggle. The medical pulse oximeter provides an accurate and quick reading with ease.
Comes with a lanyard for easy use while on the go. The pulse oximeter machine's lanyard makes on the go use easy. Place it around your neck while you workout for a convenient way to ready your blood oxygen and pulse levels.
Up to 30 hours of use on 2 AAA batteries. Get fast, easy, and convenient pulse oximetry anywhere and everywhere. The portable finger pulse oximeter has been tested to be used up to 30 hours on the included AAA batteries. Its battery indicator will let you know when they're low and need to be replaced.
Includes a 12-month warranty. No need to worry about defects after purchasing. Our one year warranty covers your oxygen pulse oximeter against defects. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.