Top Questions About CPAP Machine

1. What is the difference between Full Face and Nasal?

- Full Face masks are usually for people who sleep with their mouths open, snore, and or have severe nasal congestion at night. Since the patient's mouth is open, a nasal mask will not work because only the oral airway is open. As for nasal, it is mainly used by patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea. They are also used by patients who sleep with their mouth closed and do not have any complications with nasal congestion.

2. Do you have any CPAP cleaners on sale?
- Yes, we do have both the Lumin and SoClean for sale

3. How frequent do you have to change the filters for?
- Filters need to be changed once a month

4. How to I go about purchasing/renting a CPAP/Bipap?
- In order for us to sell the machine, we would need prescription stating what pressure you need to be on and the mask needed. If you are going under insurance, we would need medical records, sleep study, insurance card and prescription for the order.

5. My mouth feels dry when I wake up with my machine
- Each machine comes with a humidification setting/water tank. In your settings, adjusting the humidity with a higher setting can help with the dry mouth. If you wake up with water all over then you can also turn down your humidity. Keep in mind, different places where you go can determine the proper humidification that you need.

6. I need help getting used to my machine
- The best way to get used to your machine would be to use it when you are just watching TV or reading a book. When you practice breathing while you are awake, you become more comfortable with it when you sleep at night. Using it during naps is also a great way to get accustomed to it.

7. What type of CPAP supplies do you sell?
- We range from pillows, headgear, cushion, filters, power supply, masks, cleaner for the machines, cpap wipes and distilled water. If you have any questions about a certain make or model, give us a call and we will do the best we can to provide you that information. We can also order certain parts if you do need it

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